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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Just because you lied...

It isn’t easy managing an immigration system when you are among the most desirable places in the world to live.

As a country that, without fail, ranks as one of the top nations in United Nations’ surveys, we have much to be proud of. From an international perspective, Canada boasts an excellent education system, opportunities to work, and religious and ethnic freedom.

It is little wonder that each year, hundreds of thousands of people from around the world attempt the move here. They are willing to leave their homes, their families and their own culture behind because they know that their lives and their children’s lives will be better here.

Over 250,000 made the cut last year but 840,000 were still on the waiting list as of the end of 2006.

Generally aspirants are faced with an exhaustive process of paperwork, fees, wait lists and uncertainty. There is no guarantee of admittance to Canada. It depends greatly upon job skills and factors including language ability and education status.

Although it is hard to say no to people who want to become Canadian, our economic, social and government systems could not cope if we had open borders.

And only a very small portion of the immigration to Canada is in the form of refugee claimants.

Which is why the attention being paid to Mr. Laibar Singh’s “refugee claim” is so troubling. His supporters are trying to cast doubt on the entire process, because Mr. Singh wanted a quick and dirty entry to Canada four years ago.

The irony is that if he hadn’t used a forged passport and had instead sought asylum initially, he wouldn’t be in this mess. But by circumventing the process that hundreds of thousands of people wait patiently through, he set himself up for deportation.

His credibility is shot because he lied to get into our country.

So the question comes down to do we owe Mr. Singh a place in Canada because of his medical condition, regardless of how he actually got in? He has four children in India to care for him. He says he has been wrongly accused of belonging to the terrorist group that brought down Air India.

India is a democratic country with a rule of law, much like our own. It isn’t as wealthy and I’m sure he will not receive the same medical service as he does here. But if he has been accused under their law, he needs to return and face the music.

If we don’t deal appropriately with this case, it will open the floodgates to others who wish to jump the queue to the detriment of those who are legitimate refugees and immigrants.


At 7:43 p.m., Blogger Raphael Alexander said...

They can't get rid of him now. He's being protected by his fellow Sikhs and nothing spells victory over the government than where it pertains to this religion.

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