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Thursday, July 06, 2006

CKNW Tonight (980 AM)

With Mike Smyth at 8pm. Talking about labour peace under the Liberals. And other stuff.


At 12:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In a 1964 issue of Christian Economics Ludwig von Mises wrote:

"What is today euphemistically called the right to strike is in fact the right of striking workers, by recourse to violence, to prevent people who want to work from working. This means that the authorities have surrendured to the unions an essential attibute of their governmental functions . . . . If a union succeeds in forcing the employers to pay higher wage rates than those they were prepared to pay under the prevailing state of market conditions, this is not a victory for "labor" . . . . It is a boon only for those workers who will be employed at the new rates. It is a calamity for all those whom it condemns to lasting unemployment."


At 1:15 PM, Blogger Josef said...

Certainly a must-listen!

At 4:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

About Me: Currently, I'm focusing on the inherent tension in Canada –a country torn between historic values of self-reliance and evolving values of interdependence. What is the role of government for our nation? What should it be?

One cannot have true/correct knowledge with true/correct morality and one cannot
have true/correct morality
without true/correct religion.

So, my question to you Erin
is, "What are your religious beliefs?" Just a general answer is OK with me. Thanks.



At 10:30 AM, Blogger Josef said...

Just heard you on CKNW audio vault!

You got a great radio voice! And some good thoughts!!

At 3:18 PM, Anonymous Sean P. Vancouver-Quilchena/Quadra said...


You did a good job talking to Smith, and you have a great raport with a gentleman of the left that I quite admire (Tielman).

There are a few points, however, that the Tories must address.

First, they cannot take votes from BC for granted....Greater attention should be paid to us, specifically proper funding for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and a better consulted Softwood Lumber deal with the United States....Many British Columbians feel put out.

Second, the Tories cannot count on the Federal Liberals being disunited and divided for much longer; a new leader will be chosen in just a few months, and the party will have a clearer direction.........The Liberals have much to gain here and BC, which will be bad for the Tories.....I cannot see any gains for the Conservatives in this province......All of the ridings that the Liberals and NDP hold will probably be retained by them, and the Conservatives will end up continuing their trend started back in 2004...

Third, the revelation of Elections Canada/Tory Party convention irregularities will hurt the party, IF IT IS FOUND OUT THAT WRONGDOING WAS DONE!!!! What's the difference, if that would be the case, between the Tories and Grits? at least in the eyes of the voteres?

None-the-less, keep up your good work.

At 8:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Olympics are a colossal
waste of money that The State
has stolen from hardworking
productive fathers and their
families who do not rely
on The State for a paycheck or pay-contract.

Eleven billion dollars for
a three week party for rich
travelers is insane.

The real reason The Olympics
are held is for some people to
steal six billion dollars.
They are supposed to cost five billion
dollars but then at the
end of the day, through fraud
and overcharging they come in at eleven
billion dollars. You can
use other numbers if you want
but the idea and concept is still the same.

The person appointed to be top
dog for these events, is always
a political crony who makes sure
the dollars are allocated
to the "right" people and
their companies, with
no questions asked later on.
For instance you might
not know about a ten million
dollar check sent to a cement
companies offshore bank account.

If the eleven billion dollars
were just left in the
hands of the honest fathers
and their families to spend
as they see fit then you
would see these familes create eleven billion dollars worth
of jobs and spinoffs.
A million kids might see snow-skis and a seasons pass under the Christmas tree. Now they won't.
( the Olympic contractors families will ).

I urge everyone to boycott
The Olympics and I urge
all Olympic employees and
contractors to quit
their jobwelfare.
Don't watch these sports on television either.

People say they want to enter politics to help other people.
They want to be generous with other
peoples' money.
If a politcal party or other
group wants to really
help other people they could
ask their one million members
to each volunteer twenty
hours a week at a hospital or other organisation.


At 10:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

CKNW Tonight (980 AM)

With Mike Smyth at 8pm. Talking about labour peace under the Liberals. And other stuff.
The way it's worded above
I thought only Mike Smyth
would be on air.
So I did not listen.
If I would have known that
Erin Airton would be on air
I might have put an effort
to make time to listen.


At 11:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, so that's why Stephen Harper
graduated in 1978 and not 1977.
I did not know they
used to have a grade 13 in Ontario.
Sorry Steve, if you're reading
this, for accusing you of
failing a grade.

But, another question:
Is Steve Harper a robot?


At 11:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is AM 600 owned
by Jim Pattison?

If so then Erin should be supporting that radio
station and not CKNW.

I could be wrong ( for once ) there.


At 7:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why Do Men Listen To Females?

Why has our society become completely run for the benefit of females? Everything is geared to the never-ending wants, needs, demands, feelings and expectations of the female. And yet we all know that females are fickle, unfocussed, self-obsessed and easily swayed by current fashions and the ever-present female herding instinct. One day they demand one thing and the next day they demand the total opposite. One day they want a career, the next they want to play at being mummies. This female fickleness is well known to all men and yet our society is geared towards pandering to the stroppy sex who do not know what they really want from life. The result is that our society wanders around directionless and lurches from one fad to another without cohesive thought. Our children are reared in female only households where chaos reigns and as a result our kids grow up without direction, focus or hope.


At 3:01 AM, Anonymous Larry said...

NOTE-For left liberals and NDPers who constantly want full run tax payers funded government run daycare.{Tha National Institute of Child Health and Human Development studied more than 1,300 children in ten different USA states for seven years and concluded that the more time a child spends in nonparental child care,the more behavioral problems the child will have.-Source Ann Coulter, new book Godless The Church Of Liberalism page 156.}

At 6:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The spending of other people’s money is one of the great problems of modern life. Money and property are the fruit of one’s labor, and the ownership rights attendant therein is the root of freedom and prosperity. As such the ownership rights of money are a perpetual battleground between man and the state.
The world will return to its natural state of peace and harmony between people and nations once this tyranny of the modern world by state-controlled media, banking and strong central government ends. The result of this will be acceleration in the spread of material prosperity and in upwelling of rate of human progress.
Read the whole article here


At 10:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Found on internet:

All forms of taxation are theft, the world's criminal organization states steal away the profit of living and producing. The produce of your work belongs to you and no one has the right to take it from you. People are used as a commodity to make money for the state where the only value of citizens is as good taxpaying slaves that work, keep their mouth shut and do as they are told.
Because as well as the physical property one owns, a person owns one's labor and it is that labor that is intricately a product of the self that has been spent in the giving of some of one's life substance, one's physical and mental exertion, one's time to produce property that is created from resources that one owns and mixed with one's personal skills to create something original, something that didn't exist before, the production of original goods and services, property that is truly individually owned because it is an extension of the property of the self, and for that reason may be traded freely for any other property voluntarily and honestly acquired, but all of that is stolen when labor or property is taxed.


At 2:13 PM, Blogger Bernie said...

Big Government-Big Problem

A worrying trend that has developed in Western cultures is the recent expansion in central government. In Britain, Tony Blair and his Feminists cronies have sought to increase their influence in everyone’s daily lives. Our family lives, working lives and social activities have never been more widely monitored and supervised by a now ever pervasive government. The security situation has also been used toward this end. After 911 and the attacks in Britain one year ago, governments blew the cobwebs of their draconian security proposals that until then were thought too unpopular for the people to stomach. The convenience of a security alert and the attendant worries of the public allowed these previously unthinkable measures to be forced into law and in so doing removed a large part of our human rights. Of course, the government will state that only the guilty need worry but what about the rest of us? Our daily lives are now routinely scrutinised and interfering bureaucrats meddle and probe at will. The government has increased its own power dramatically and a new era of state control has dawned. Where will this take us? Inevitably towards a totalitarian state. If you don’t believe me get out your history books and look at the early stages of any dictatorship. You will notice that all oppressive regimes start by limiting free speech, watching its own people and reducing human rights all in the name of order. That’s what’s happening now in Britain and America and unless we stop it now we will surely head towards a decline in our democratic freedom.

At 8:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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