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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Can Canada Stay the Course?

The recent shocking arrest of 17 Muslim men from the Toronto area has sent an arrow into the hearts of Canadians who believe that a multicultural Canada is a wonderful gift worth cherishing.

But with the idea that born and bred Canadians were actively plotting the beheadings of our political leaders, many are wondering where the line should be drawn between diversity and integration.

In a disturbing documentary shown on CBC Tuesday night, a young journalist, full of the naive tolerance possessed only by a Canadian weaned on the promise of a de facto United Nations in our his land, traveled to Europe to see the damage being wrought by un-integrated immigrant populations.

It wasn’t pretty.

Young men in France and England, from both sides, swaggered through no-go zones threatening death.

A Dutch filmmaker was murdered for a producing a film about Muslim women by a Dutch-born Muslim.

All over Western Europe, whole towns are divided into two camps.

There is a revival of nationalist, anti-immigration political parties fanning the flames of intolerance.

Over and over the journalist asked: could it happen in Canada?

Unfortunately, events of the past week have shown that it already has.

There have always been, in our country built by the sweat, blood and tears of successive waves of immigrants, those who wanted to lock the gates after their chosen group had established a foot-hold.

Growing up in our country, we all learned the pejoratives for various ethnic groups: wops, japs, chinks, micks, pakkis. Sometimes we learned them from our fathers and sometimes on the playground.

Until now, however, it seems our country has been able to absorb each new surge of immigration. Children grew, were educated in Canada, married into settled families and provided their children a new Canadian identity – sometimes hyphenated, but often not.

Even the Irish and English immigrants who battled for decades in Southern Ontario seem to have relinquished their tribalism.

Do these arrests mark just a new, more difficult phase on the same path to immigrant integration in Canada or are we facing a new road – one where communities don’t assimilate and instead ghettoize? Are we on a path where angry young men, isolated by their faith and their culture, find an outlet in destruction and mayhem?

Most Canadians are very open and tolerant as new arrivals settle, acclimatize and begin the process of integration. But there will be a backlash if the events of this week are repeated.

It would be a shame to lose our unique commitment to diversity because of one group’s unwillingness to join Canadian culture or the over-reaction of existing Canadians to a community’s struggle to adapt to a new land.

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At 2:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


The Canadian "terrorists"
were framed. It is just
another false-flag operation.

To make a long story short
the Military Industrial Complex
( what that is or should be called
is a book in itself ) lost
its Soviet or Communist enemy
and so they had to CREATE
a new one - Islam/Muslims.

It was a sting operation,
they were set-up and framed.
Watch out Canadians, you
could be next if you don't complain.

Here is an analogy,
it is like the forest-fire
employee in the USA that
lit forest fires to
increase budget and employment
for that industry.


At 5:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is a pretty simple equation....

Hatred can be manufactured.

Incited fear + isolated people + controlled knowledge = HATRED

A political or religious leader uses that hatred to gain more power.

Whether it is a Military/Industrial Complex or a Jihad or a Crusade.....it is all about manufactured hatred.

Canada is a wonderful place where it is hard to keep all the variables in the hatred equation high enough to keep hatred alive, but the bastards will try.

At 6:19 AM, Anonymous Adrian MacNair said...

Yeah right.. it's all staged. And the murders of Nick Berg, Eugene Armstrong, Paul Johnson, and Kenneth Bigley were all staged as well. Each of them is still alive and well. And 9/11 was just a really high budget movie. If you go to New York it's actually all still in tact.

It is time Islam faced the facts. It is a violent and oppressive religion where it is not a minority group that is hindering the peaceful majority. Somewhere, someone knows what is going on and is being silent. A brother, an aunt, a cousin, a friend, knows of the radicals and violent fanatics in the mosques and is being silent. That makes all Muslims guilty, and their shame just as great. We cannot anymore shake our heads and say "it is not the fault of Muslims, only a few radicals". Radicals exist because the people tolerate them and in some way accept them.

Just as we cannot accept that only George W Bush is guilty for what has happened in Iraq. The people elected him. The people are just as responsible.

No, Erin, we are not witnessing diversity and pluralism. We are seeing the latest wave of immigrants refuse integration. They want to destroy what we have, and they do not come in peace.

Just as a dog who bites the hand who feeds it, so shall these people see our borders closed. And the fault shall not be entirely with the radicals. Somewhere, somehow, Islam has let it happen by sympathizing with Terrorism.

At 8:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Framing Patsies in Toronto and London

Kurt Nimmo | June 6 2006

Not only did the “terrorists” in Canada not have a target for their so-called fertilizer bomb, the fertilizer was delivered by the RCMP as part of a sting operation (i.e., the suspects were framed), according to the Toronto Star. “Sources say investigators who had learned of the group’s alleged plan to build a bomb were controlling the sale and transport of the massive amount of fertilizer, a key component in creating explosives. Once the deal was done, the RCMP-led anti-terrorism task force moved in for the arrests…. At a news conference yesterday morning, the RCMP displayed a sample of ammonium nitrate and a crude cell phone detonator they say was seized in the massive police sweep when the 17 were taken into custody. However, they made no mention of the police force’s involvement in the sale.”


At 9:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In every high profile case that we have studied, terrorist links to security and intelligence services as well as the military are uncovered.

From the evidence it is starting to appear that Chand was the kingpin for a government entrapment program that sought to manufacture a terrorist alert by creating a de facto terrorist cell.


At 11:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Adrian MacNair said...
And 9/11 was just a really high budget movie. If you go to New York it's actually all still in tact.
No, you should not believe
that 911 was a movie.
I will teach you Adrian,
to help advance
your level of awareness.
Go here:


At 1:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lets just face it. When a country opens its doors as wide as Canada has, the screening process becomes very challenging.

Isn't it common knowledge that Canada is home to every known terrorist group in the world?

Irreverance for our laws appear to be nearly 'tolerated' in Canada. So how can we deter any potential terrorist acts from happening on Canadian soil? Does Canada need to learn from Fujimori's ways of dealing with Terrorism??

Canada needs to deracinate all terrorist movements currently established on our soil.

People living in Canada need to be made aware that we will not sacrifice Canadian values in order to maintain our image. Canadians need to stand up united against terrorism and demand our government to terminate all terrorist movements.

Much tougher penalties must be put in place for those who threaten Canada's safety and image. Terrorism on our soil (especially by 'Canadians') should be treated as treason and traitors to one's country deserve nothing less than the death penalty.

If Canadians cannot love Canada, then they don't deserve to be part of it. Plain and simple.

At 2:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't it common knowledge that Canada is home to every known terrorist group in the world?
No, that is a lie AM
( you again ).
It must be nice to
be paid to post disinformation.

Go here to learn about
false flags:

Don't get too worried
because this commentary space
gets looked at by not
too many people.


At 6:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to discredit you, but this information comes from someone who worked in the anti-terrorism department for CSIS for over 20 years who just recently retired.

I don't mean to be disrepctful of even mean hurt your feelings, but I truly believe that you only write in this blog because you can type.

At 8:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh!, And one more thing, Bernie.

It is NOT "AM" again...

At 4:26 AM, Anonymous Larry said...

Part of the problem is due to the left Fed-Liberals late 1960's and onward removing much of the Judeo-Christian ethics and morals from Canadian society. This had lead unfortunately to a Canadian society lacking good ethics and morals. Plus too many rights, which often blocks individual freedoms. Canada's immmigration needs to be put into reality rather than left-ideology.Excample:Asking people aids questions to immigrants from high incidents of aids area's,the questions should be allowed instead of being blocked due to rights. Also Canada should let more females in from area's where females are treated highly poorly.Conclusion here: Canada should keep it's main traditions and ways, immigrants Yes!, but they too need to be taught Canadian traditions.Let a few more British in also. Full equality pushed by government is communism.Rather citizens should have reasonable equal oppertunity not forced affimative action. Canada should help other county's in need but keep it's real Canadiana.

At 7:09 AM, Blogger Jen Ridler said...

The idea that the accused terrorists (note the lack of quotations around the previous word) were framed is simply a blatant case of denial. The denial of the possibility that "Canadian Values" as some see them could be in need of some fine tuning. The continual refusal to face up to what is going on in this country will not make it go away. It will not make things better. We need to stand up for human rights and by this I mean treating everyone fairly and as they deserve. By everyone, I mean everyone. Hiding behind politically correct language will not help our country. We need to speak freely and openly about what is going on in this country or we are headed down a slippery slope. If you want to have a glimpse of what Canada's future might be like if we don't act now, please pick up the book While Europe Slept by Bruce Bawer. It may be incredibly enlightening.


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