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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Speech from the Throne

On Tuesday, Prime-Minister Stephen Harper unveiled one of the shortest throne speeches in recent memory.

In stark contrast to the often-meandering Liberal speeches of past years, this one was very focused on the five priorities of the new conservative Federal government.

Expect the mantra of cleaned up government, tax cuts, safe streets, choice in childcare, and shorter health care wait lists to be repeated often over the next few months.

You’ll probably get tired of these priorities. You may even get bored.

But these tough, often unglamorous issues are the focus of Harper’s government. The new conservative MPs in Ottawa know that the way to convince Canadians to give them a majority government in the next election swing is deliver the goods on the things they care about.

Middle-class and working Canadians are pretty sure that, up until now, government wasn’t doing what it was supposed to be doing in Ottawa.

Every year we heard about tax cuts, but they never seemed to actually make it to our savings accounts. Every year we heard about this government friend or that government lobbyist making a fortune with inside information.

Every year politicians stood up and mouth platitudes about reducing crime or better health care. But when the press conference ended, they were off pursuing the next issue and the next photo-op and they never actually made sure their commitments were honoured.

Of course, talk is always easier than action, which is why our country continues to slip down international rankings in health care standards, savings rates, and corruption levels.

This is why Canadians loath politics and mistrust politicians.

Harper’s Conservatives are going to try to change that.

Instead of sucking up to each and every special interest group, they are going to work on these five key tasks.

It isn’t going to be easy, by any stretch.

They are going to have to develop relationships with the provinces. They are going to have to make the kind of tough decisions that send protestors into the streets. They are going to have to compromise against their better judgment to maneuver in a minority parliament.

And, inevitably, some issue will come up and they’ll face the impossible choice of staying the course with these critical priorities, or bending to the political winds.

There are always going to be issues the government isn’t dealing with.

The question is will Canadians accept the five priorities, or will they demand immediate action on everything? Because, as we all know from our own lives, too many priorities are a sure recipe for not accomplishing anything at all.

As seen today in 24 Hours Daily


At 7:21 PM, Anonymous Sean P., Vancouver-Quadra said...


I don't think most Canadians appreciate the Harper Throne Speech. Why? Because the Harper government is simply a caretaker administration; the Liberals, regardless of its leader, will be back in power in one year's time at the most.

I didn't see the Speech address the issue of child care! Canadians want a government run, not-for-profit child care system, and we don't care about the costs.

Also, Canadians are really cheesed about the 2% GST reduction...How idiotic! The defeated Liberal government proposed massive income tax cuts that make the CPC proposals look stupid! But, Canadians choose to reject a government of sensibility and compromise by rejecting Paul Martin.

And, I'm really upset that the same sex marriage issue is being pushed through the Commons! How dare Harper use petty politics to appease the so-called GW Bush Moral Majority hidden agenda! Gay marriage is a fact of life, and those who oppose it must be put on the defensive.....I'll never call them un-Canadian, but I will call them a bit out-of-date, and out-of-touch with the 21st century values of this country.

By-and-all, I don't think the Opposition will combine to vote against this Throne Speech, as their isn't anything specific in it to vote against.....And Canadians do not want to head to the polls between now and December.

Sean P.

True Liberal in Vancouver-Quadra.

At 10:07 AM, Anonymous Sujay Nazareth said...

I think Sean P is being Naive...Canadians voted for Change...The Liberal arrogance about being back in power in a year shows they feel they are entitled to be the ones in Power and so fars I do not see them deserving it.

As Mr. Harper said, how about the Liberanos paying back the true value of what was squandered on the Sponsorship Scandal... Oh I forgot they are paying back $1.14 Million... A drop in the bucket compared to the true value that was taken

At 10:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have to check out this new Blog. There is a great Picture of Carol James and Harry Lalli doing the "Titanic".


At 4:43 PM, Anonymous Sean P., Vancouver-Quadra. said...


I'm sorry if my post sounded arrogant....It's just a fact that the Liberal Party of Canada is returned back to office whenever the Conservatives start to do too much damage. The Tories' attack on daycare, gay marriage, and repeal of gun control will not work in urban Canada.

The Liberals are used to governing, and are not used to being in official Opposition. Once the dead soldier count adds up in Afghanistan, Canadians will reject the Harper version of the Conservative Party.

Do I think that the Liberals have a God-given right to govern? No, of course not! A party needs to spend time in Opposition, from time-to-time, to refocus itself and plan ahead to form the next government...Look at the eagerness of Justin Trudeau's attempts to rejuvinate the Liberals! Look at the high quality of party leadership candidates! Granted, some people that decided not to run that should, but such is life.

Chances are slim that Canadians will reelect Harper to a majority at the 40th General Elections. Chances are greater that the Liberals will be restored to power, depending upon on how the more conservative wing of the CPc will be controlled, and depending upon our appetite to continue with Harper's arrogant methods of governing (ie, his usurption and seduction of David Emerson, and his treatment of the Ottawa Press Corps!)


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