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Thursday, February 09, 2006

So what was the BCTF REALLY fighting for?

You'll all remember the teacher's strike last fall that disrupted the lives of thousands of students and their families.

Today the BC Government released their audit of class commposition in BC - you can find the news release with links to background here.


"The report shows that, on a provincial level, there is an average of 17.7 students in kindergarten; 20.8 students in grades 1 through 3; 26.3 students in grades 4 through 7; and 25 students in grades 8 through 12. The report further shows:

· Eighty-six per cent of all classes have 30 or fewer students.
· Fifty-six per cent of all classes have 26 or fewer students.
· Twenty-two per cent of all classes have 20 or fewer students.
· One-third of classes have no students with special needs; only five per cent of classes have five or more students with special needs, and the vast majority of those have additional classroom supports.
· More than half of all classes have no ESL students; only 10 per cent have five or more ESL students.

The class-size data also determined that 15 school districts were not in compliance with provincial average class-size legislation in at least one category."

Hardly appears the disaster we were led to believe in September...

Awaiting the BCTF response.


At 10:27 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps they were fighting for respect.

It could also be possible that the BCTF was fighting for the students in that 14% of classrooms that are over-capacity. And let's not forget that the only reason why the government has unveiled their intention of punishing school boards in violation of the class size rule is because of the BCTF, BCTF politics and its members' willingness to sacrifice their livelihood in order to bring the public's attention to these issues.

I am particularly floored by the way the presentation of the report's findings implied that a low number of disabled students or ESL (read: immigrant) students in a classroom is something to be proud of.

This inversely implies that these students are responsible for the lack of learning or negative classroom experience of 'normal' students.

There is your answer. Do your homework and 'get it right'.

At 12:30 p.m., Anonymous Isabelle said...

I just would like to make the observation that, as a mother of two teenagers, I have found over the years that another major problem is with the materials used to teach (not necessarily the teachers or the environment). Why make the kids read all kinds of boring, uninteresting topics when there are so many stimulating contemporary issues to discuss and reflect on - to make matters worst, I don't think the media will help much in helping our kids to develop critical thinking skills, but that's beside the point. I think it is high time to change the curriculum and forget about old school ways. Kids need to be stimulated and inspired, not brainwashed - no wonder they are bored to death and are diagnosed with ADHD and FASD... But hey, that's just my opinion. Does that count?

At 12:12 p.m., Anonymous Greg Tener said...

Sadly, you show your ignorance of the real situation in schools today. While class size is certainly an issue in many schools around the province, class composition remains one of the key reasons for teacher burn-out and poor results. Excellent teachers are leaving the profession because it has become so difficult to meet the needs of the students in regular classrooms. Sadly, the conservative response to this, as you have implied, is teachers should quit whining. Most teachers are not whining, they are working incredibly hard to ensure that this society continues to improve and be economically viable in an increasingly competitive global market.

Have you researched how the averages were calculated? Were special education classrooms included in the averages because very often those classes only work with very small groups. Please remember that those very students who work in groups of two, three, or even five with expert special -ed teachers are then integrated into much larger academic classes. The number of "special students" in classes is often over-whelming. Were non-enrolling teachers and administrators included in the calculations? Surely, if any of these groups are included the statistics will be skewed.

Where do you send your children to school? What are their class sizes and more importantly, how many "special students" are in their classes?

Be wary of making the assumption that all teachers are not conservatives and all teachers support the BCTF. Many teachers are conservative, yet are very concerned about supporting a government that seems determined to undermine the institution that is so vital to a prosperous province.

All the great democracies of the planet have a high- quality public education system. You may even want to review Adam Smith's position on this. It improves the standard of living for all and ensures that citizens will continue to support the liberal democratic policies of politics and industry. The likes of you would have us continue to erode this system so that more students attend private schools and choice schools regardless of the fact that this creates inequities that ultimately harm the capitalist base on which this province is built.

Think to the future Ms. Airton. Rather than criticizing teachers, how about supporting and strengthening the one institution that could save your precious conservative values.

A disullusioned conservative teacher.

At 3:18 p.m., Blogger Winston said...

it is very ironic to see how many conservative ladies are in Vancouver, BC

Wish you all the best
Toronto, Ont.

At 4:55 a.m., Anonymous Larry said...

Teachers get weekends off,Easter and Christmas weeks off,the entire summer off. They get to be music teachers,sport coaches ect.,-which often they'd have too pay in the private sector. They work at most five hours per school day in actual class teaching. NOTE-when I was in grade six the teacher brought in a NDP-MLA to teach us politics the NDP way. Also when I was in grade nine in a business machine class the female teacher stoped one entire class time and taught her feminists ideology to us students.Strange Western Trinity university teachers with earned teachers degree were not allowed to teach until they went to a secular university for at least a year. Thankfully the court finally put a stop to that nonsense. Teachers union are no doubt in bed with the NDP and promoting pro abortion choice-which has nothing to do with critically teaching kids.Their should be more help and promotion for private schools.

At 11:47 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...


you are a very creepy person. Did you not realize this?


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