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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Victory...and challenge

Last night was a night of victory - for the Conservative Party, for Stephen Harper, for the ten miraculous MPs from Quebec and for the marvelous candidates elected from across the whole country.

It was also sad night that left behind some great friends on the path forward to Government.

Conservatives will need courage and vision to navigate this minority parliament - the potential pitfalls are many and loom in the shadows. But Stephen Harper has earned the support of his party with a campaign that was thoughtful, strong, strategic and Canadian.

We have his back.


At 11:37 a.m., Anonymous Larry said...

Five reasons the federal liberals lost this election. 1-Their democracy deficit. 2- Paul Martin plan to remove the Notwithstanding Clause. 3-Paul Martin not even consulting Canadians upon changing the definition of marriage. 4-Fed-Liberals high corruption. 5-Paul Martin power madness and slight of hand dishonest tricks. No doubt the fed-liberals deserved to loose this election.

At 12:24 p.m., Anonymous Sean P. from Vancouver-Quadra said...

Unfortunately, however, I don't think that the Conservatives will be able to hold on to power beyond 30 months (middle of 2008) at the absolute latest.

Why? The Liberals would have found a new leader and implemented their new program by then. The CPCs will make their share of mistakes, which the Liberals will highlight, and the Liberals will maintain their hold on most of the seats in Canada's three largest cities (Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal).

That fact alone is damaging to the Conservatives....As early as today, Mayor Miller of Toronto has voiced his opinion as to how dangerous the new government will be to Canada's cities, and how illegitimate it is by not even coming close to electing an MP in either of our three bigest cities.

Look at BC! We rejected the Conservative message,and increased our support of both the Liberals and the NDP. Ujjal and David Emerson, as well as Hedy and Stephen Owen, will do a fabulous job in Opposition, and should be back in Cabinet by next Spring at the latest.

Seriously, I wish Harper's "government" luck, as he is going to really need it. His "government" will have to pull a series of miracles to survive. His "government" didn't come close to winning my riding of Vancouver-Quadra, and will never win it.

The Liberals will be back to repair the damage done by the new "government", as Liberals have done after the brief Tory interludes of the past.

I'm proud that over 30% of the voters helped to elect 103 MPs despite the negative attacks by the media against the so-called Liberal government scandals....I only hope that the media will be that hard on Harper's "government".

We live in a democracy, and I acknowledge that. And in a democracy, people are free to make mistakes.....Well, as a Liberal supporter, I truly forgive the 36% of Canadians who voted this "government" in by means of this needless Winter election. We will be back to fix the damage done.

At 4:56 p.m., Blogger Jason Hickman said...

His "government" didn't come close to winning my riding of Vancouver-Quadra, and will never win it.

... You know, "never" is a very long time.

People said Harper would "never" be PM. Some folks said that a party with Harper (or anyone else right of centre & west of the lakehead, for that matter) would "never" win any seats in Quebec.

Heck, I can even remember when some folks said the PC's and the CA would "never" merge, and if they did, it would "never" last.

Of course, Sean P. may be right. All of what the CPC and Harper have accomplished so far may collapse.

But so far, the ones who are saying that the Tory government will "never" last, or that it will "never" win seats in Toronto / Montreal / Vancouver, are the same ones who have underestimated Harper for years now.

And Sean? Offering to "forgive" voters really doesn't help wash away that hint of arrogance that so many people came to associate with the Liberal Party of Canada. But hey, if your party wants to keep on acting like it has the divine right to govern, be my guest.

We'll see.

At 9:25 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow Larry. You are truly a visionary.

Just think...if Harper had been in power years ago there would be tens of thousands fewer stable families (read: those recently affirmed by same-sex marriage) and a whole bevy of dead Canadians in Iraq.

That's the Canada I want.

Stand up for families, Stephen. Stand up for gay marriage and for keeping our kids alive.


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