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Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Big Chance

And then it was over.

The talking heads ceased their blathering and the pollsters quit trying to one-up each other with their inane and inaccurate snapshots of the electorate’s mindset. The politicians and wanna-be politicians slunk back to their campaign offices to store the signs for next time and throw out the Tim-bits boxes.

Suddenly far less coffee is being consumed from sea to shining sea.

British Columbians have experienced democratic overload this year. In the time it takes to grow a baby, on three separate occasions we have waded through our choices, separated fact from spin, discussed the options over Sunday night dinner and marked an X on a ballot.

Most interestingly, since May, we have also chosen free enterprise governments in Victoria, Vancouver and now, in Ottawa.

Is there a fundamental shift occurring in the views of Canadians or are these results sheer coincidence?

These weren’t landslide wins, by any stretch. And it would be a mistake to say that Monday’s results were a wholesale embrace of all things Conservative. But they did follow a pattern that should make any Federal Liberal nervous as he contemplates his options in Canada’s very split minority parliament.

Voters made one of two choices on election night. They either chose to support an incumbent – David Emerson and Ujjal Dosanjh, for example – or else they chose the candidate that they felt best fit their own issues and concerns.

In stark contrast to previous elections, there was little strategic voting.

Canadians who wanted to vote Conservative did so. Voters who liked Jack Layton supported him. Liberals voted Liberal. Seat after seat in BC saw tight three way races.

We didn’t hold our noses and vote Liberal to stop the Conservatives because we knew in our hearts that a Martin Liberal government was worse than anything we could imagine the Conservatives doing.

And this is the shift that Conservatives in our country have been preparing for. Conservatives know that we just needed this chance to show Canadians that we can govern well and honestly.

We actually care about the moms and dads trying to make ends meet. We know the best way to help a family is to give assistance when needed and get out of their way the rest of the time.

So we have our chance. Canadians have said go for it. Let’s hope the rest of the parties in the Parliament respect the voter’s opinion that Conservatives deserve a fair shake to make our country a better place.

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At 11:55 p.m., Anonymous Sean P. of Vancouver Quadra said...

My congratulations to Harper and his crew. I hope that he will prove the pundits wrong, and do a very good job.

Unfortunately, however, he has a number of factors against him, such as a rejuvenated Liberal Party, and the out-right fact that his party never came close to winning a single seat in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver....He has to pacify these voters in order to win just a slim majority government.

My riding, for example, is so solidly Liberal, he would have to pull off a miracle to win.

Harper will end up doing one of three things:

1. Pull a Diefenbaker of 1958, and go from a weak minority to a majority;
2. Pull a Pearson of 1965, and go from a minority to another minority; or
3. Pull a Clark of 1980, and go from a minority to defeat.

I understand Conservative thought; I appreciate them. I may be won over to them, but I seriously doubt they can. With either McKenna or Tobin as the next leader of the Liberals, I am most certain that Ottawa will return the normalcy of Liberal Party rule by this November at the earliest, or by July 2007 at the absolute latest.

Good luck Tories, Canadian hearts and minds are open to you....Prove us your worth!

At 4:06 a.m., Anonymous Larry said...

Congratulations to Canada's Conservative Party voted in for the new Canadian government.[ What's needed is conservative ground work informing and convincing Canadians conservative is the best form of government for Canada, it truely is too ].Fact is the NDP and Liberals are in bed with powerful controlling unions also they are a socialists type of governments and ideology driven. The Bloc of course are separatist. Thanks be to people such as Erin Airton, Barb Kay, Anne Coulter and Tom Jones-kidding. Plus media outlets the National Post,some books and especially The Western Standard magazine. Also conservative blogs and Websites. No doubt much,much more is needed to promote and convince conservative-government forms for the general-Canadian public. Liberals were good at this even the NDP alittle bit.

At 11:31 a.m., Anonymous Larry said...

Mr.Harper should quickly appoint a Alberta elected Senator to Canada's Senate.Theirs too many Liberal-Senators now in Canada's Senate.Senate needs more Conservatives now or else the Senate is only a Liberal institution.

At 10:14 a.m., Anonymous joel said...

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