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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Nightline BC Tonight

Back on Nightline BC with Tieleman at 7pm. With all three Federal leaders in town, there should be lots to talk about, starting with the asinine actions of both Paul Martin and the US Ambassador to Canada.


At 2:44 AM, Anonymous Larry said...

Missed the broadcast but read in yesterday news Liberal PM Martin blames the provinces and a much work load involved to reform the Senate. Although he says he wants Senate reform it's obvious he won't reform the Senate. Alberta had elected their own Senators, Martin would not appoint any of them to the Senate. People if you want a elected Senate only the Conservative Party of Canada will do this. A elected Senate would introduce some real democracy for Canada in which the Fed-Liberals fear. The Constitution for now does not even need to be changed. Simply, each Province elect their own Senators than the PM can appoint them. This is a good start for real democracy for Canada. Unfortunately the Liberal boss dictator-oops that is Liberal-PM Paul Martin does not really want to do this. Again Canada's Conservative Party will reform the Senate for Canada.


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