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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Enttitled Much?

The Federal Liberals just can’t seem to catch a break, these days.

Even as Paul Martin circled the Lower Mainland this week dropping a crime announcement in Surrey and shoring up nervous candidates in Vancouver, news came from Ottawa of the newest twist in the Scott Reid debacle. This is being reported all over blog-land but hasn't made it into national media.

Remember Scott Reid? He is the Paul Martin Senior Advisor who famously and contemptuously retorted that if the Conservatives were to give back to Canadian parents some of their hard-earned money for child-care, that they’d go and blow it on beer and popcorn.

Beer and popcorn? Who the heck eats popcorn with their beer? Maybe it’s a Liberal thing.

This newest Entitlement Scam from the Ottawa Liberals stars Scott Reid’s expense account. If you thought disgraced former Cabinet Minister David Dingwall’s pack of gum was hard to swallow, wait until you hear this one.

On the Privy Council website, enterprising Canadians can find out how much each staff member spends on travel and hospitality expenses – all paid for by you and me. Presumably, each expense is incurred as a result of actual time on the job. We all understand the need to occasionally meet clients or associates after hours.

Except that for Scott Reid, there are 38 entries between January 1 and May 28th. And a surprising number of these occurred at, well, pubs.

And, because I know you are thinking it, I’m going to say it. They don’t sell a lot of popcorn in bars near Parliament Hill.

The expenses range from silly - $4.97 for “refreshments for meeting” to the sublime: a New Year’s Day dinner “meeting” at famous politico watering hole, Darcy McGee’s.

Darcy McGee’s, an old-style Irish Pub, is named after a fiery Father of Confederation and can be found one block south of Parliament Hill. It’s just the place for a cozy statutory holiday dinner with unnamed, but clearly hard-working, “Government of Canada employees”.

But the very, very worst expense in the whole sordid lot?

You may remember May 19th as an interesting day in Canadian politics. Belinda Stronach, the auto-parts heiress and former Conservative leadership candidate, crossed the floor to the governing Liberals at a press-conference featuring a glowing Paul Martin. That night, the national media reported a blow-out party at an Ottawa bar called Suite 34. The event provided gaping spectators a view of Stronach and her new team dancing on speakers to the sound of Madonna’s “Material Girl”.

And, our favouite beer and popcorn staffer? Yep – he just happened to expense a very important “dinner meeting to discuss media briefing” that very night at that very bar. What a coincidence.

Do you ever wonder why you pay so much tax for so little return? Wonder how many knee-surgery spots could be funded if Paul Martin’s staff paid for their own victory drinks?

Ask your local Liberal candidate. But don’t be surprised if they blame it on the Conservatives.

(As seen today in 24 Hours Daily)


At 4:16 p.m., Anonymous Peter said...

Hi Erin,
As usual I did enjoy your column 24H.
Interesting and funny.
Keep up the good work.

At 9:11 p.m., Anonymous Peter said...

Hi Erin,
Before "Bighead" posts a Rant here I would like to tell you, that like you, I ignore insults, which are nothing more than an admission of defeat usually from someone who thinks he "knows it all" or sees himself as a "great debater" and defender of the English language.
I had decided to give up visiting the site to avoid all the "hot air".
What can a self declared Liberal be doing, constantly visiting a Conservative site unless is to show-off his debatable "debating skills" I can understand an undecided voter to visit the site and have an occasional argument, but someone who knows all the Liberal "mantras" by heart, what is the logic?

At 10:51 p.m., Blogger redhead_pt said...

It is difficult to discern the logic of others when you are yourself incapable of logical reasoning. Anyone who rejects my right to equality is perpetrating perhaps the most grave of insults, to which I have no shame returning in kind.
“he "knows it all" or sees himself as a "great debater" and defender of the English language”
I have never made claim to any of these titles, so I will take your bringing them up as compliments overshadowed by envy. Being active in the political process requires that one take into consideration a wide range of opinions from across the spectrum, thus allowing insight as to the full scope of public policy. You may be satisfied in confirming and enforcing existing beliefs, but I relish in augmenting and expanding my knowledge framework. I am not here to dictate Liberal mantra, as you may think. These are my own personal beliefs, established through endless debate, conversation and research- far more than the emotional unfounded basis of your own arguments. End of story, if you feel the need to leave, leave; it is not as though you have anything of worth to contribute here.

At 10:25 a.m., Blogger Erin Airton said...

Redhead - I've posted under another of your comments. This behaviour will not be tolerated. I'm happy to have an open, healthy, robust debate. But you are all my guests here and I cannot allow you to demand another guest leave. If you are uncomfortable because you can't engage in that debate without denigrating your opponents, I would highly suggest you find another venue. Last chance. I'm sorry it has to come to this.

Perhaps consider what you are trying to achieve here. I know that you are very young, but bullying is not the way to education of others. A give and take debate with honour and respect of opposing views is far more effective. I've learned this the hard way. As a youth, I was often so ideological that I couldn't hear the reason of the other side, and because of my actions, turned the other side off entirely so that they couldn't/wouldn't listen to me.

Sugar catches the flies, my dear.

At 10:26 a.m., Blogger Erin Airton said...

By the way, thanks Peter!

At 11:54 a.m., Anonymous Peter said...

Hi Erin,
Well said, I just typed the following and was going to post it, after this I will just ignore him completely.

Your Rant is typical of the mantras I did mention. The "policy of entitlement".
It is My Country, My Democracy, My Rights, My Freedom of Speech, etc, etc, etc. Typical of forgetting the Rights of others.
I will not waste anymore time replying to your harangue, it is not only what you say, but what is implied that counts.
I am sure you would be happy if I left because I can see through your "rhetoric".
You did come on this site demanding answers to your "propaganda", correcting the host with "semantics", insulting everyone who disagrees with you, dismissing common sense and "adapting" statistics and rhetoric and that is just to mention a few points.
I leave to others to make up their minds of who is contributing anything positive to this site, I will not leave, I will just scroll your Rants, not giving you the satisfaction of a reply.


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