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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Jobs for Youth and Families

There are two, little-told stories on job growth in this province under the BC Liberals. These stories don’t grab headlines or get the pundits all riled up – but they are important nevertheless.

The first of these is the rate of unemployment among our youth – an issue the NDP hits over and over again in their desperate attempt to gain the under 30 vote. Just like their laughable insistence that freezing tuition fees is good for our post-secondary system, Carole James’ belief that the NDP is the best party to care for our youth is just as nonsensical.

Freezing tuition means less kids have access to the system – just ask any student turned down from university because they didn’t have an 89% average. Destroying an economy NDP-style tends to means less jobs for youth – not more.

And the numbers are bearing that theory out. BC’s youth unemployment rate for 15 to 24 year olds is the lowest it has been since August 1990 – that’s 15 years.

In terms of pure numbers, the BC Liberal’s economic policies have created 23,900 jobs in the six months since January 2005. During the ENTIRE ten years of NDP rule, there were only 10,700 youth jobs created.

More than twice as many jobs in six months than in ten years – that’s a big, big difference in the lives of our youth.

The NDP’s constant bleating about building a balanced society for everyone apparently doesn’t include helping our young people find good, high-paying, full-time jobs so that they can build a future for themselves and start a family.

The BC Liberals have reversed that trend and youth today are far more likely to be working and contributing – a big reason for the high levels of optimism found in recent opinion polls.

The second under-reported job statistic also points to a big shift in how our province is growing and re-building. This number flies in the face of the myth being pushed during the last election campaign by the NDP.

The NDP said over and over that the government was abandoning the rural “heartlands” of our province – ignoring these critical regions in favour of the vote-rich cities.

Unemployment in ALL regions of the province is now below 10% for the second month in a row, but what is more telling is the number of jobs created in the regions vs. in the GVRD under this government.

49.2% of all jobs created in the last four years have been outside the GVRD – in struggling rural BC. Compare this to the NDP record of 18% regional job creation from 1996 to 2001 and it becomes difficult to understand their rhetoric – clearly during their tenure they missed the boat on building a strong, diverse economy and now they want us to believe that they understand the regions?

Just as with the youth, the NDP might talk a good game, but when it comes to these two segments of our province, the BC Liberal approach of strong and sustained economic growth is paying off in the way that really matters to people – jobs for their families.

(As seen today in 24 Hours Daily)


At 3:51 PM, Anonymous Matthew said...

Also notable- private-sector job growth (contrast ROC) and full-time job growth.


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