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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Why Vote BC Liberal?

In 2001, the BC Liberals promised to bring our province back from the brink of destruction. They have turned the economy around, are investing more in health care and education and have the highest job creation numbers in over twenty years.

Here are the top three reasons to stay the course and keep the BC Liberals in government.

Reason #1: Trust
Just like no person is perfect, no government is perfect. But the hard decisions that the BC Liberals had to make – while sometimes very unpopular – put us back on the right track.

Carole James’s NDP doesn’t seem willing to take any responsibility for those ten years of economic decline and, to add insult to injury, she actually believes that government has no control over the economy.

A full third of her candidates are former union bosses and another big chunk were directly involved in the last NDP trainwreck. But she wants us to trust her that an NDP government would be different this time. Sorry, Carole, we’ve come too far to take a chance on a neophyte socialist.

Reason #2: Strong Social Programs
When the NDP leader was in school, she obviously missed a pretty important class: Economics 101. While not the most glamourous subject, having a basic understanding of what makes our economy tick is critical if you want to help people.

So what does the economy have to do with our important social framework? Great question. These programs are paid for by us. If the government drives business and investment out of BC, people like you and me lose our jobs. It is a terrible cycle, which ends with the government levying higher taxes, to make up for the smaller tax base, which drives more investment away, resulting in even fewer jobs.

In 2001, the BC Liberals started at step one – how do we build a vibrant economy so that we can invest in these programs for the long-haul? Because of this, we’re spending $1 billion more on health care and more per child on primary education ever.

Reason #3: A Future for our Province
Finally, the third reason to vote BC Liberal has everything to do with our future. We have a great opportunity to build a lasting future for our province - so that our children don’t leave our province, like they did in the 90s. So our seniors get into long term care in 30 days, instead of the year under the NDP. So that we can maintain the lowest tax rates for those making less than $30,000 a year in the country.

This government is not perfect, but we cannot afford the human cost of going backward with the NDP instead of forward with the BC Liberals.


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