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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Why Carole James Should Not be Premier

This election is about choosing the government that we feel is best able to take our province forward – a government that will make tough decisions in order to build a strong and healthy economy that can invest in healthcare and education.

For some crazy reason, Carole James wants this election to be about trust. And she wants us, the voters, to trust her when she says that the NDP are the best party to build BC for the future.

Unfortunately, for Carole James, she simply isn’t believable.

In an odd twist of logic, Carole James and her NDP want you to believe the economic train-wreck that hit our province during the 1990s had nothing whatsoever to do with the way that the NDP was running the province. Further to that, she wants you to believe that the success we are experiencing today has nothing to do with lower taxes, better climate for business and an actual vision for our province.

You see, it really wasn’t their fault. (Bet you missed that when you were voting in 2001.)

It would be quite funny, if it wasn’t so serious.

Statistics Canada released data this week showing that BC is leading Canada in economic growth for the first time in almost 20 years. That is longer than most of this year’s crop of first time voters has been alive.

Poll after poll has shown that voters trust the BC Liberals to run the economy. The same polls show voters don’t trust the NDP. Period. That mistrust stems from the uncomfortable fact that the NDP keeps blaming others for the hatchet-job they did to our province’s economy during those ten dark years.

Almost every indicator – jobs, investment, inter-provincial migration, small business confidence – suffered under their watch. When you compare BC’s performance in the 90s to the rest of the provinces in Canada, we fall from the top to the bottom. The current government has reversed this trend.

I’m not sure what they smoke at Carole James’ headquarters. But just because they couldn’t figure out how government works during their ill-advised kick at the can, they think that BC’s success today has nothing to do with the tough choices that the BC Liberals made.

Carole James is starting to show why she’s not ready for the big chair.

Rhetoric about caring for people is very nice. But what pays for programs that can actually help people is a strong, vibrant, thriving economy - something that Carole James thinks the government can do nothing about.

At least Joy MacPhail had a degree in economics. Maybe she should start advising Carole James that “it wasn’t the NDP’s fault” isn’t helping her gain the voter’s trust she is desperately courting.


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