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Thursday, April 21, 2005

BC Liberals Need to Draw the Picture for Voters

During the 2001 election campaign, voters were faced with a very stark choice – re-elect the NDP who had squandered our provincial birthright or take some tough BC Liberal medicine and get back on track.

During the next 25 days, the BC Liberals will need to define the very similar choice we have today - do we stay the course, or turn back to high taxes, big government and lack of investment in our future?

Under the NDP watch, remember, young people were fleeing our province, our debt was skyrocketing and we lagged behind the rest of the country in almost every economic indicator: job growth, capital investment, small business growth. The NDP, in 10 years, undid years of progress and plunged us into “have not” status.

When they won that election, the BC Liberals were faced with some pretty hard decisions. The NDP will say they left a balanced budget, but the truth is that while it was precariously balanced on budget day, it left holes big enough to drive a fast ferry through.

And just like when we are balancing our budgets at home, the government has to ensure that we have the money in place for “needs” before moving to “wants”. You can’t run your household by running up big debts on frivolous items – and neither can government.

By focussing on “needs”, the government could begin to re-invest into education and healthcare – and now funding in those areas is the highest ever.

The low taxes (people in BC now pay the least tax in the country) stimulated job growth and high small business confidence. We have the highest job creation numbers in over 20 years. This converts to more government revenues – and greater ability for us to invest in our future.

Carole James and her re-tread NDP candidates -many of whom you’ll recall from the last disastrous government - will tell you that this campaign is about trust.

I couldn’t agree more.

Do you trust that the NDP has seen the proverbial light and will govern responsibility? Do you believe that they have magically changed course and turned their back on their entire party history – a history of big government, high taxes and special deals for their friends? Why do you think the big union bosses can’t wait to get them back into government?

Trust the NDP? If you are like most British Columbians, you don’t. And expect that message from the BC Liberal campaign.


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