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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Where, oh where did Carole James go? Oh where, oh where can she be?

Let’s see, it is T minus 19 days to the start of the provincial election campaign. To be fair, though, you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking it started about six months ago with warm-up jingles and nasty ad campaigns.

But do you feel like something is missing in this phony war?

To recap - we have two major parties (check), their assorted ardent (and occasionally deluded) supporters (check), thick and glossy brochures sliding through mail slots around the province (check), never-ending dinner time polling calls (check) and, most importantly, two party leaders battling for the hearts and minds of BC voters… Oh…you say. That’s what isn’t right – you’ve only seen one party leader showing his face around the province.

Obviously, we are missing something. Or rather, someone…

Last I checked, Carole James was elected to the illustrious post of BC NDP leader on November 23, 2003 – that would be about 495 days ago.

Her fellow NDP candidates (most of whom you’ll recognize from the last NDP train-wreck) are working hard to convince voters to turn their backs on this golden decade and swerve hard left to the hard-luck 1990s.

So, we can find them (unfortunately). But we can’t really find her.

There is a rumour circulating that she is going to hang around the Vancouver Board of Trade for a lunch speech in the next couple of weeks or so (www.vancouverboardoftrade.com), trying to convince the downtown crowd that when she is elected Premier by jubilant crowds of sobbing socialists, organized labour will obediently heel at her left, allowing a new world order to magically sprout in BC-branded rainbow hues behind her.

I’ve also heard rumblings of champagne and cucumber sandwich laden tea parties in her riding of Victoria-Gordon Head. Of course, Victoria’s harbour doesn’t hold a candle to Boston, so if we re-elect the NDP, I wouldn’t be shocked to see crates of premium Okanagan wine overturned in English Bay instead.

All this is to say that BC voters, (you, me and that odd neighbour who frowns when your kids leave their bikes sprawled on the sidewalk), really do deserve to know who our choices are on May 17th. And for those voters who are seriously considering voting NDP this spring, I hope that Carole James shows up for the campaign, because you at least know what the current BC Liberal government stands for – you have the record - highest job numbers in 23 years, lowest taxes in Canada for those making less than $30,000 a year, and the highest amount of primary education per student investment ever.

Voters deserve a proper choice and that means full and complete information about those choices.

Isn’t time we heard from Carole James about what she wants for BC?


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